The EC transferred the first installment of the 150 million promised to Moldova

Today, August 1, the European Commission transferred to the Republic of Moldova the first installment of 50 million euros from the macro-financial assistance of 150 million euros. The announcement was made by the Romanian MEP, Siegfried Mureșan, who stated that the fact that the first tranche of the macro-financial assistance has already been transferred by the European Commission shows that “the authorities in Chisinau have done their job and that there is progress in these areas” .

“New good news for the Republic of Moldova. Today, the European Commission transferred to the Republic of Moldova the first installment, of 50 million euros, from the macro-financial assistance of 150 million euros that we approved in the spring in the European Parliament. 35 million euros are loans under favorable conditions and 15 million euros are non-refundable European funds. Macro-financial assistance of 150 million euros was adopted by the European Union to help the Republic of Moldova cover part of its financing needs determined by the management of the refugee crisis, the energy crisis, the COVID-19 pandemic and other consequences of the war triggered by Russia in Ukraine”, said Muresan in an announcement.


The MEP stated that the aid payments are strictly conditional on the smooth running of the program with the International Monetary Fund, as well as progress in key areas agreed with the European Union, such as the fight against corruption, the rule of law, good economic governance or energy independence.

“As I said when I approved the financial support in the European Parliament, this money is very useful for the Republic of Moldova, but it is not enough. We need to do more. The Republic of Moldova is the European country that has received the most refugees from Ukraine, in relation to the population, even though the management of refugees has put and still puts a lot of pressure on the country’s economy. The authorities in Chisinau and the citizens of the Republic of Moldova are facing, since the beginning of the year, three major crises: the crisis generated by the COVID-19 pandemic, the energy crisis and the crisis generated by the war in Ukraine. We are waiting for new financial support proposals for the Republic of Moldova from the European Commission. I am sure that we, in the European Parliament, will approve these new proposals as quickly as we approved the macro-financial assistance of 150 million euros”, concludes Mureșan.

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