The EU supports the preservation of the cultural heritage of Moldova

The restoration works of the windmill in Gaidar village, UTA Gagauzia, have been finalized. This was The first curious people who rediscovered the tourist objective were the guests a festival. Namely, the ninth edition of the Carpet Festival organized in Gaidar. The event gathered hundreds of visitors from different parts of the country.

The design sketches for restoring the windmill are based on local and international regulations for the conservation of cultural heritage.

Fully made of wood, the Gaidar windmill was built at the end of the 19th century. There are only four such windmills in Moldova, and only the one in Gaidar is still in comparatively good shape, and was operational until 2005.

The project aimed to preserve the windmill’s original elements and fully restore its functionality. After restoration and conservation, visitors will be able to see the flour milling process and take part in cooking local dishes using the freshly milled flour.

The mill was restored thanks to the European Union’s “Confidence-Building Measures” program, implemented by UNDP. The tourist attraction preserves the distinctive elements of the century in which it was built.


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