The first reactions after the world premiere of the film CARBON

The world premiere of CARBON was held at the San Sebastian International Film Festival. The project was met with much enthusiasm by both the public and the international press. Some of the actors in the main roles were present at the event, including Dumitru Roman, Adriana Bîtcă and Ion Vântu, who watched the screening of the film for the first time.

“I enjoyed it enormously. Even at the end, I had emotions more difficult to describe, which I have never experienced. I cried from happiness”, says the actor Dumitru Roman, who plays the role of Dima.

“I felt honored to watch it on the big screen and feel the emotions and vibes in the hall. I was happy that there was a foreign audience, I loved their reactions and I was glad that the foreign audience understood. Personally, I liked it a lot”, said the actress Adriana Bîtcă.

International press has described CARBON as a “bittersweet comedy”, and Cineuropa notes that “The film has every chance of impressing Western audiences with its mix of unpredictability and comic flair.”


“Carbon is a film about values ​​and the complexity of human nature. Ruben Agadjanean’s footage may show every shade of bronze ever found on the sunny plains of Moldova, but there’s a lot of gray in these characters overwhelmed by history, ambition and an unquenchable thirst for a better and easier future. There’s an engaging exuberance here, and while some viewers may not buy into all the obstacles thrown their way by Mariana Starciuc’s imaginative screenplay, they’ll certainly be amused and even moved by these likeable people running around like headless chickens in a world where the rules can change radically at any second”, emphasizes journalist Ștefan Dobroiu, in a review for Cineuropa.

The audience appreciated the humor of the film, but also the historical references. “I liked everything. It’s a new and fresh wave of Moldovan cinema,” says a viewer.

“The ironic references to the absurdities of wars were constant throughout the film, through words, through gestures. It was very good!” declared a Spanish spectator.

Moldovans settled in Spain were also present at the world premiere.

“To see something about your culture, about your country, around people who know nothing about it is wow!”, says a young woman originally from the Republic of Moldova.

The national premiere of the film CARBON will take place on October 4 at the “Nicolae Sulac” National Palace. Starting October 6, CARBON will be screened in cinemas. For more details, visit

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