The head of state discussed Moldova’s EU accession project with several Moldovan exporters

The issue of holding a referendum on Moldova’s accession to the European Union was discussed by President Maia Sandu with several exporters from the country.

The head of state noted that the EU market has become more accessible for Moldovan products thanks to the free trade agreement and the country’s status as a candidate for EU membership. When our economy was dramatically affected by the war across the border, European countries abolished export quotas for 7 Moldovan products, including apples, plums and cherries, and came to the aid of our producers. Last year, 65.4% of all Moldovan exports went to the European Union. The government is working to increase this number.


The EU market is the largest in the world, stable and reliable. Greater access to this market will allow our manufacturers to create more well-paid jobs, and access technologies, modern equipment and innovations from Europe to increase productivity and profits. President Maia Sandu stressed the importance of strengthening society as a whole for Moldova’s European integration and urged entrepreneurs to talk to people in the communities they come from about how the European way is the way to stability and prosperity.

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