The ICRC distributed humanitarian aid for Ukrainian refugees

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has distributed humanitarian aid for refugees from Ukraine, but also for the families that shelter them. Today, August 12, was the last day to grant support in the second round.

Thus, both refugee families and the people who shelter them gathered at the “Moldexpo” Center in Chisinau. Citizens of Ukraine benefit from boxes of basic necessities and food.

“The International Committee of the Red Cross is an impartial and independent international organization. Today, we are in Chisinau at the end of the second distribution round. The first round was organized between May 11 and June 1, in 34 districts of the country, where 5,840 families benefited from food and hygiene packages. In the second round, the number of beneficiaries almost doubled, so that 7,644 people received a total of 15,288 packages, which means two boxes of food products and two boxes of hygiene products for each family,” said Carolina Căpățînă, ICRC representative.


The list of humanitarian aid beneficiaries is received from the local authorities. In order not to create crowding, the beneficiaries are called at different times and can get the boxes based on an identity document.

The third round of humanitarian aid distribution will be organized between August 22 and September 15.

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