The mandate of the European Border Assistance Mission to Moldova – Enhanced!

The European Border Assistance Mission to Moldova and Ukraine (EUBAM) has had its mandate expanded today to allow it to exercise executive powers at the request of Moldova and/or Ukraine. This will allow EUBAM staff to directly participate in border control, complementing the European Border and Coast Guard Agency’s border management teams (Frontex). The European Commission is providing further help to Moldovan border guards as a result of its action.

“The European Union stands with Ukraine, and we are ramping up our support to help Moldova manage the situation at its borders,” stated Olivér Várhelyi, Commissioner for Neighborhood and Enlargement Negotiations. EUBAM and Frontex will collaborate to help Moldova manage arrivals at the Ukrainian border efficiently while maintaining a high degree of security.”

Since the beginning of Russia’s attack against Ukraine, EUBAM has refocused its efforts to aid in the management of the influx of migrants into Moldova, redeploying its personnel to the busiest border crossing sites.

With its new enlarged mandate, the mission will complement the deployment of Frontex border management teams, and EUBAM and Frontex will work closely together on duties.

Scaled-up support for EUBAM totaling €15 million will enable for the recruitment of more staff, as well as the provision of equipment and training to newly employed Moldovan border guards, to help address the refugee arrivals.

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Furthermore, the EU has initiated a new €15 million action to support effective and dignified first-line processing and transit of affected Eastern Partnership people, as well as safe and dignified voluntary returns of vulnerable third-country nationals to their home countries.

Additional money may be needed to improve direct border control support at critical border crossing sites along the Moldova-Ukraine border.

More information on this, can be found HERE.

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