Businesses will be exempt from fiscal bills when making purchases with a bank card

The bill, by which companies are exempted from the need to complete the fiscal invoices when they make purchases with the bank card and will want to deduct their expenses, was voted in the second reading.

Therefore, the initiative, elaborated by Radu Marian, vice-president of the Economy, Budget and Finance Commission, and other deputies, will allow the acceptance of fiscal vouchers as accounting documents for economic agents that procure goods / services with the corporate card. Therefore, the tax receipt issued will be able to serve as a confirmation document for the deduction of expenses.

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“This change will be an important bureaucratic relaxation for businesses, especially in the case of low value purchases. The time wasted for completing the tax invoices, their issuance, their signing by all parties to the transaction, can instead be used for more productive activities “, argued the deputy.

The implementation of the project does not require money from the state budget. Instead, it has a positive impact on the activity of economic agents who will not need to procure, perfect and send tax invoices.

“But the basic benefit is the time that entrepreneurs will save, especially those in small business,” said Radu Marian.

It should be mentioned that the project will enter into force upon publication in the Official Monitor of the Republic of Moldova.

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