Four new regional business support centers, funded by EU and Sweden

The European Union provides € 180,000 in financial support to four non-governmental organizations, which have been selected to develop Regional Business Support Centers to support social enterprises. EU assistance is provided under the project “Valuing the potential of NGOs for the promotion and development of social entrepreneurship in the Republic of Moldova”, funded by the European Union and co-financed by Sweden, being implemented by the Eastern European Foundation in partnership with Keystone Moldova and the Contact Center.

The four non-governmental organizations have been selected following a call for proposals and will receive funding of € 180,000. Thus, in the North region of Moldova, social enterprises will benefit from the support provided by the A.O. CONSENS Socio-Economic Policy Center in Singerei; in the South region – support will be provided by the Cahul Chamber of Commerce and Industry; in the Center area – assistance will be provided through the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Chisinau, and in the Transnistrian region – support will be provided through the Association of Social Entrepreneurs in Tiraspol. The implementation period of the funded projects is until 2024.

The purpose of this grant program is to support four regional business support centers in their efforts to help social enterprises by providing social business development services across the country. At least 60 social enterprises in the regions receive assistance in business management, training and mentoring, access to financing services, technical services and access to national and European databases relevant to the field of activity. Through their work, the centers will support the acceleration of social change and contribute to economic growth, in order assure the well-being of citizens and communities.

The European Union project “Leveraging the potential of NGOs for the promotion and development of social entrepreneurship in the Republic of Moldova” started on January 1, 2022 and will run until December 31, 2024.

The grants offered and the actions carried out are part of a capacity building program, especially in terms of business and financial management for both social enterprises and regional social business centers, which will continue to guide social enterprises. Within it, disadvantaged people, young people, people with special needs, immigrants, Romani people, the elderly, are to be included in the labor market.

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