The Minister of Agriculture explains the increase in prices for agricultural products

The issues in the field of agriculture were discussed with the Minister of Agriculture, Viorel Gherciu, during the show “Cabinetul din Umbră” from JurnalTV. According to the Minister, the most pressing issue that explains the increase in prices for agricultural products is the increase in the price of fertilizers.

“It simply came to our notice. So not only have natural gas prices become more expensive a few times, but prices have also risen several times for fertilizers. Even in the autumn of last year, in September-October, fertilizer prices have risen several times, even 3-4 times, and this is a major problem. So fertilizers play an important role in ensuring crop productivity and have endangered the crop for this year. ”

Besides the fact that we import gas from Russia, we also mostly import fertilizers from Russia, says Viorel Gherciu.

“At the same time, as we are importers of fertilizers, namely 85 percent from the Russian Federation, we felt direct restrictions from Russia on the export of these fertilizers to the Republic of Moldova, after the start of the war in Ukraine, this situation worsened because delivery of these fertilizers. “

According to the NBM data, the inflation rate in April rose to 27% compared to April last year.

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