The “Mioara” case: contracts related to transactions were seized and a bank account of 1.5 million euros was traced

Several pieces of evidence were collected on Thursday, February 22, by officers of the National Anti-Corruption Centre following 10 searches carried out in the money laundering case, resulting from a historical appropriation of 75.11% of the assets of the Republic of Moldova, held in the joint-stock company “Mioara” in the municipality of Balti.

“As a result of the prosecution actions, 3 mobile phones, an information storage server, a memory stick, a folder with documents related to the transactions, as well as the contracts through which the assets of S.A. Mioara were alienated were seized from the suspect’s home.

Earlier, €1,500,000 was identified as having been transferred by the suspect in small installments (below the reporting limit) to an account in a Romanian bank. Today, prosecutors are to decide on the preventive arrest of the detained person,” the National Anti-Corruption Centre release said.

We remind that the National Anti-Corruption Centre under the direction of the Prosecutor’s Office of mun. Chisinau and the support of the Service for Prevention and Combating Money Laundering are investigating the involvement of a group of persons with various functions within S.A. Mioara from Balti municipality in a money laundering scheme.

According to the evidence gathered, the company’s assets, consisting of a production building complex and 8 ha of land, were appropriated by a group of individuals who subsequently engaged in cross-transactions and made bad loans.

The National Anti-Corruption Centre states that although the facts of misappropriation of state property of the Republic of Moldova were established by a final and irrevocable decision of the Supreme Court of Justice in 2016, the group of persons became owners of real estate, part of which was alienated in exchange for about 80 million lei, which was to benefit the state.

At the moment, the case is being investigated in all aspects and several people will be interviewed.


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