The Moldovan Prime minister wants a 30% ratio of renewable energy

At the meeting with the delegation of the Polish Parliament, Natalia Gavrilița declared that she wants to increase the renewable energy ratio to 30%. The Prime Minister referred to the plans to consolidate the energy sector of our country and reiterated the need to connect the Republic of Moldova to the EU natural gas procurement mechanisms, which would allow the efficient management of the energy crisis.

Also, Natalia Gavrilița talked about the Government’s projects for the development of the renewable energy sector, in this sense, the legal framework was adjusted and favorable premises were created for investments in the sector.

“If in October 2022, the Republic of Moldova was 100% dependent on gas supplies from the Russian Federation, currently this indicator has decreased considerably. We managed to create enough stocks to meet the natural gas requirement for this winter. In the medium term, we aim to complete the energy interconnection project with Romania and increase the production of renewable energy from 3% to 30%”, said Gavrilița.


On the other hand, recently, Veaceslav Moldovan, the administrator of ML Energy-Group, declared that renewable energy producers cannot sell it to the state operator Energocom, reports

“We have 62 license holders, of which only 6 are active. Two are regulated, and four – are unregulated. Now, exports have been banned, which is logical for the alert situation in the energy sector. But at the same time, no one buys domestically produced electricity. It is a matter of bureaucracy that limits electricity sales to the state”, claims Moldovan

According to the energy strategy voted by the Government, the authorities want to reach a 30% share of renewable energy by 2030. It is about wind, photovoltaic, and biomass, which in total would accumulate 1.1 million MWh.

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