The National Plum Festival will be organized in Moldova

Every year, the National Plum Festival will be organized on the third Sunday of September. The authors of the project, a group of PAS deputies, state that the initiative aims to promote the Republic of Moldova as a state with high potential for the cultivation and processing of plums, reports IPN.

Since 2016, the Plum Festival has become a tradition for Nisporeni district.

“The idea of ​​establishing the holiday also comes as a result of the requests received from the local public authorities, especially from the Nisporeni district, where the cultivation of various varieties of plums in several localities has emerged as a basic business, with persistent economic and food importance , with essential progress regarding the diversification of production and processing of plums”, stated the authors of the project.


In the initiative it is mentioned that the average annual area occupied by plum plantations in the period 2019-2021 is approximately 22.1 thousand ha. Of these, 19.8 thousand ha represent plantations in fruit, with a production volume of about 123.73 thousand tons and an average harvest of about 6.2 t/ha. The authorities report an increase in the harvest from 4.6 tons per hectare in 2014 to 6.81 tons in 2021.

Plums occupy the second place in the list of the most exported fresh fruits from the Republic of Moldova, ranking our country among the top 10 exporters in the world, with an exported volume in 2021 of approximately 44,915.3 thousand tons of plums delivered fresh.

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