The participants of the continuous training course “Energy Efficiency of Public Buildings” received the certificates

The participants of the continuous training course intended for energy trainers and auditors automatically qualified for the Buildings category, organized by USAID Energy Security Activity of the Republic of Moldova (Moldova Energy Security Activity – MESA) in collaboration with the Agency for Energy Efficiency and the Continuous Training Center of UTM, have received the qualification certificates during the last training session.

The course lasted 10 days and consisted of theoretical and practical activities aimed at updating the knowledge and continuous training of energy auditors – automatically qualified in the Electronic Register of energy auditors and who will be potential trainers within the training programs of energy auditors for the Buildings category, implemented by the Continuous Training Center “Energy Efficiency of Public Buildings” (CFC EECP).

During the course, the energy auditors benefited from practical activities with visits to the territory and received support from the trainers to perform technical and financial calculations in order to perform a model energy audit.

“The building stock is the largest consumer of energy in the country, respectively, it presents the greatest potential for making energy consumption more efficient. The role of energy auditors in order to capitalize on this potential is very important. The success of many projects applied for financing and even the quality of future works depends on the quality of the energy audit reports, but also the way public money is used. Thus, through the mission it has, the Agency aims to be actively involved in order to ensure the quality of energy audits and to provide support to the auditors where necessary” said the AEE director.


The Agency for Energy Efficiency informs that, at the moment, 57 specialists in the Buildings category, 22 specialists in the Industry category, and 20 specialists in the Transport category are registered in the electronic Register of energy auditors.

The electronic register of energy auditors can be consulted HERE.

The Agency for Energy Efficiency is the institution responsible for implementing the provisions of the Regulation regarding energy auditors and energy audits, approved by Government Decision no. 676/2020, as well as the qualification and registration of energy auditors in the electronic Register of energy auditors according to the provisions of the mentioned regulation.

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