The Polish Development Bank to support the economic sector of Moldova

On Tuesday, September 13, the Minister of Economy, Sergiu Gaibu, had a meeting with the director of the Polish Development Bank (BGK), Beata Daszyńska-Muzyczka, in Warsaw. The parties discussed the areas of mutual interest, as well as the opportunities to support Small and Medium Enterprises, through accessible and competitive instruments.

Sergiu Gaibu welcomed the Polish Bank’s interest in our country and reiterated the Government’s priority of creating fair conditions for investors, which would lead to the considerable development of the business environment and the creation of more jobs.

“Recently, we have been informed and inspired a lot by the Polish development model, based on the Polish Development Bank and the Polish Agency for Entrepreneurship Development, with which we also initiated a dialogue. We are counting on a cooperation based on the exchange of experience, tools and financial products, on the development of common programs for entrepreneurs and guidance in exploring the potential offered by the EU candidate country status that Moldova has obtained”, said the minister.

“Entrepreneurs from Moldova need support in overcoming the current crises, and reducing the competitiveness gap and the financing gap will lead to an increase in the level of cooperation between the entrepreneurs of the two countries – the Republic of Moldova and Poland”, points out Gaibu.


The Bank’s representatives were open to collaboration and stated that there are areas in which they could be involved in development activities, with the support of the EU Neighborhood Instrument, development cooperation and international cooperation.

The Polish Development Bank administers about 40 programs and funds, both from national and European sources, operating in more than 70 countries of the world. Among the areas of interest of the Polish Bank are energy efficiency, environmental protection, rural/urban development and supporting SMEs.

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