The Prime Minister of Romania to pay an official visit to Chisinau next week

The Prime Minister of Romania, Nicolae Ciucă, will pay a visit to the Republic of Moldova next week. The announcement was made by our Prime Minister Dorin Recean during a briefing, after the working visit to the Drochia district, when he was asked about Romania’s help in the process of our country’s EU accession negotiations.

“Bucharest is already helping us and I am confident that this help will be perpetual. Romania was a phenomenal supporter of this first phase. There are already many experts from Romania who work, including in my cabinet, but also in the cabinet of many ministries, they work with different agencies and institutions, at the central level and at other levels. Next week I will be very happy, Prime Minister Ciucă will be in Chisinau and I hope he will come with good news, including on the area of expertise. I want to remind you that Bucharest also helps us with the energy crisis, the development of communities, and the financing of projects at the local level. We have this privileged relationship and we are thinking about how to have reciprocity in relation to Bucharest”, said Dorin Recean.

The official date has not been announced, but according to our sources, it would be March 23, 2023, which is exactly one week from now.


It will be the first official visit of the head of the Government from Bucharest to Chisinau after Dorin Recean took over the mandate of prime minister. On March 1, Prime Minister Dorin Recean visited Bucharest, where his counterpart assured him that Romania is the most sincere and reliable partner of the Republic of Moldova.

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