Tomac asks the European Commission for a concrete plan to support Moldova cope with Russia’s destabilization attempts

Romanian MEP Eugen Tomac from the Popular Movement Party (PMP) asked the European Commission to come up with a concrete action plan to support the Republic of Moldova in the face of Russia’s destabilization attempts.

“Recently, President Maia Sandu said, at the Security Conference in Munich, that the biggest threat to the Republic of Moldova is the Kremlin’s propaganda. What is the Commission’s strategy to support the Republic of Moldova in the face of these extremely aggressive tools that the Kremlin is using today in the field when we see that with a lot of aggression, through propaganda, manipulation, and disinformation, the Republic of Moldova is trying to be destabilized by those who they joined hands, and here I mean corrupt politicians, pro-Russian political forces, fugitives who are no longer in the Republic of Moldova, but who finance entire campaigns to destabilize the pro-European government in Chisinau? We are waiting for actions because solidarity is needed now more than ever”, claimed MEP Eugen Tomac, in his intervention in the plenary of the European Parliament.


Thus, Romania’s representative in the European Parliament asked for a concrete plan to support democratic forces and media institutions between the Prut and Dniester as effectively as possible.

“They need our support to face Russia’s increasingly aggressive onslaught. Putin proposed to destabilize Bessarabia, but we have the obligation to help it remain free, together with the European nations”, said the MEP.

Eugen Tomac has been a European deputy in the European Parliament since 2019. In the period 2005-2008, he worked within the Presidential Administration of Romania on issues related to Romanians everywhere, being appointed as Secretary of State for Romanians everywhere at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Among the most important achievements were: the simplification of the procedure for regaining Romanian citizenship for the citizens of the Republic of Moldova, the donation of over one million books in Romanian for libraries and schools in the Republic of Moldova, as well as the re-editing of almost half a million history textbooks of Romanians for educational institutions across the Prut.

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