Cleverly: External forces are trying to manipulate democracy in Moldova, which is completely unacceptable

The Foreign Minister of Great Britain, James Cleverly, claimed that the direct military threat to the Republic of Moldova has decreased, but the country faces a hybrid war through external political interference and manipulated prices. According to him, the best way to protect the Republic of Moldova is to defend Ukraine from Russia. These statements were made in an exclusive interview during the “Cutia Neagra” show, on tv8.

“What we have seen, during the last 12 months, is a direct threat to the security of the Republic of Moldova and to its territorial integrity. Frankly speaking, the direct military threat has diminished, but what we see now is a hybrid attack through manipulated energy prices, foreign political interference, and cyber attacks. We offered financial support to the Republic of Moldova. We also help by collaborating with the country’s institutions so that they can defend themselves against corruption, military attacks, and outside interference. Honestly, I asked Mr. Nicu Popescu what Britain can do to help you and he said: Help end the war in Ukraine because it puts pressure on the Republic of Moldova. So, this is how we can help Moldovans defend themselves – by helping Ukraine defend itself against Russia,” James Cleverly pointed out.


The British Foreign Minister also specified that the United Kingdom supports the Republic of Moldova in the European process. At the same time, Cleverly emphasized that they are trying to destabilize our country’s economy and manipulate democracy.

“Western European countries, including the United Kingdom, we have democracies, more stable economies and we want to see the same in the Republic of Moldova, but at the same time we see Russian activities here, we see attempts to destabilize the economy by manipulating energy prices and food, we see direct interference in democratic processes. Recently, Americans have identified Russian influences in the protest movement, and we agree with this assessment. External forces are trying to manipulate democracy in the Republic of Moldova, which is completely unacceptable. Moldova is the target of hybrid attacks,” said the head of the British diplomacy.

“Moldova is not alone, the United Kingdom and other countries want to see it succeed, defend itself from aggression outside its borders, and maintain its path to democracy,” concluded James Cleverly.

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