The synchronization of cultural events between Moldova and Romania promotes identity and cultural heritage, says Chirila

In recent years, a synchronization of the most important cultural events and joint actions of the Ministries of Culture of the Republic of Moldova and Romania has been observed. These contribute to promoting the identity and cultural heritage, as well as the most valuable artists from Chișinău and Bucharest, stated the Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of our country in Bucharest, Victor Chirilă, to Radio Moldova. The diplomat further noted that such an event is also the celebration of “Romanian Language Day”.

“It’s a special day. We are not only celebrating Romanian Language Day, but also our common Romanian culture, our identity, and our history. I am pleased to note that in the last two years, Romania and the Republic of Moldova, the Ministries of Culture in Bucharest and Chișinău, have organized several joint actions. There is a synchronization of celebrations. Romanian Language Day is an example in this regard because this day will be celebrated both in Bucharest and in Chișinău, where we will have a grand international book fair, Bookfest, which was previously organized in Bucharest.”

According to a statement from the Embassy of the Republic of Moldova in Romania, several joint events are planned to be organized by the end of this year, both in the capitals of Chișinău and Bucharest, as well as in other cities.


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