The temporary protection for Ukrainian refugees in Moldova has been extended by one year. They will be able to cross the border using their ID cards

Temporary protection for Ukrainian refugees in Moldova is extended by one year. The decision is set to be approved on Wednesday by the cabinet of ministers.

“Displaced persons from Ukraine who have been granted temporary protection until 1 March 2024 shall automatically have their temporary protection beneficiary’s identity document extended until 1 March 2025,” according to the draft to be submitted for approval.

As long as the decision is valid, Ukrainian adults will be able to cross the Moldovan border with an ID card or a valid internal passport. Ukrainian citizens will be able to use their identity cards for one-time entry and exit from Moldova.

For minors, crossing the border will be authorized if they present their ordinary passport for foreign travel, identity card, or internal passport, including an expired validity date, as well as their birth certificate or certificate attesting to the child’s birth, issued by the medical institution.


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