The exhibition “Discover the Prefectures of Japan” was held in Chisinau. An RLIVE TV correspondent was present at the event

On Monday, February 26, the National Art Museum of Moldova presented an exhibition titled “Discover the Prefectures of Japan.” The Embassy of Japan in Moldova collaborated with the host institution to organize the event. The exhibition features posters created by Japan’s 47 prefectures to promote tourism.

According to “,” this exhibition comes as a result of the information campaign “Discover the Prefectures of Japan” launched by the Embassy of Japan from May 2023 to February 2024. Through Facebook, citizens of Moldova were presented with different regions of Japan, each accompanied by a brief description of its respective prefecture, thanks to the posters received.

In his speech, the Ambassador of Japan to the Republic of Moldova, Yamada Yoichiro, mentioned that shortly after he came to Chisinau in January 2023, he wrote to all prefectural governors in Japan, asking them to send him their representative posters.

“Japan is an island country stretching from Okinawa, a subtropical area, to Hokkaido, an area with lots of snow and ice in winter. About 70% of Japan is mountainous and covered by dense forests. The volcanic activity of the mountains gives rise to numerous hot springs, or “onsen” in Japanese, offering visitors a unique experience. Japan’s coastal areas are rich in fish; I’m sure you’ve tasted sushi,” remarked Ambassador Yamada Yoichiro.

The posters will be exhibited weekly in a seasonal thematic way, as follows: 27 February – 3 March – spring; 5-10 March – summer; 12-17 March – autumn; 19-24 March – winter, also next to each poster, visitors to the exhibition can find a QR-code, to read the prefecture’s explanation. The exhibition will be open until 31 March.

The correspondent of the press group “Realitatea,” Traian Stoianov, was present at the exhibition. Follow the speeches of the Ambassador of Japan to the Republic of Moldova and the guests who gave comments to Traian.

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