The unified control commission, worried about the security zone

Today, the members of the unified control commission met at Bender to examine 3 weekly reports of the Military Command. In all reports the military observers reflected the presence of unilaterally installed positions by Tiraspol in the security area starting from April 26. During the meeting, a compromise was not reached, so no decision was taken in this regard, and the Commission will resume the discussions next week.

“There were debates on these provocative actions of the Transnistrian structures, and the delegation of the Republic of Moldova has reiterated their requests regarding their unconditional withdrawal from the perimeter of responsibility of the mixed forces of peacekeeping,” announces the delegation of the Republic of Moldova in the unified control commission.

The position of Chisinau regarding the subject in question is firm and derives from the provisions of the Agreement of July 21, 1992 and to the other acts of the peacekeeping operation on the Dniester River.

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