The works of Music, Theater and Fine Arts graduates, exhibited in the Parliament

The Parliament of the Republic of Moldova continues the series of exhibitions dedicated to the bachelor’s and master’s theses of higher education institutions graduates.

These days, in the lobby of the legislature a collection of bachelor’s and master’s theses made by students of the Academy of Music, Theater and Fine Arts is exhibited. The students from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Decorative and Design managed to captivate the public with their unique vision, translated into original and interesting projects of painting, sculpture, ceramics, tapestry, clothing design and interior design.

Materials such as ceramics, bronze, wood, artistic metal, canvas were used in their elaboration, with a mix of work techniques and author techniques. The students worked on some projects for half a year.

The atmosphere at the exhibition was completed by the violin recital, offered by the Faculty of Musical Art. An exceptional moment was occasioned by the monologue staged by the Faculty of Theater, Choreography and Multimedia, visitors having the opportunity to enjoy the interpretation of an excerpt from the tragedy “King Lear” by William Shakespeare.

The event was attended by the management of the university institution and several teachers, as well as the students authors of the exhibited projects. The deputies and the officials admired with interest the 46 works exhibited, being impressed by the creativity and mastery of the young authors, they talked with the students and the teachers. Among the guests, Igor Grosu, the President of the Parliament, was present.He wanted to note the originality of the works, as well as the inspired approach of the authors and teachers.

“I am impressed by the extraordinary work of our talented young people, who have established themselves in the country, but also abroad, who carry the fame of our country and the fame of our educational system,” said the Speaker of Parliament. Afterwards, the guests attended the plenary sitting of the Parliament.

We mention that this year the Academy of Music, Theater and Fine Arts has 126 graduates in the First Cycle Bachelor and 82 graduates in the Second Master Cycle.

During the month of July, the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova hosts a series of exhibitions of the works of graduates of higher education institutions in the country. These events aim to encourage and promote the academic performance of the parliamentary institution.


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