Moldova has reached a trade deficit of $ 1.7 billion

Data published by the National Bureau of Statistics show that the Republic of Moldova reached a trade deficit of $ 1.7 billion in the first five months of 2022, 8.5% more than the same period last year. Very high value from the perspective of macroeconomic balances, writes BANI.MD.

In the structure of exports ($ 1.8 billion), the largest share is cereals and cereal-based preparations (16.3%), machinery and electrical appliances and parts thereof (12.2%), seeds and oilseeds (11.8%), fixed, crude, refined or fractionated vegetable fats and oils (9.8%) and vegetables and fruits (8.2%).

Deliveries of cereals and cereal-based preparations (6.0 times), fixed, crude, refined or fractionated vegetable fats and oils (5.7 times), seeds and oilseeds (3.0 times) increased significantly. ), oil, petroleum products and related products, mainly re-exports (9.6 times), vegetables and fruits (+ 36.6%), animal feed (3.5 times), road vehicles, mainly re-exports 1.8 times), clothing and accessories (+ 13.2%), non-metallic mineral articles (+ 56.6%).

At the same time, exports were lowered by: alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages (-23.3%), electrical machinery and appliances and parts thereof (-6.4%), medicinal and pharmaceutical products (-19.3%), furniture and parts thereof (-7.1%), specialized machinery and apparatus for specific industries (-34.6%), meat and meat preparations (-63.8%), professional and scientific instruments and apparatus (-12.4%).

In five months of 2022, imports of goods amounted to $ 3.5 billion. The largest share is in oil products – 13.1% and natural gas – 11.3%. Imports of gas and industrial products obtained from gas increased 3.5 times, due to the increase in the value of natural gas imported from the Russian Federation by 3.8 times, oil, petroleum products and related products (2.4 times) and cars and specialized appliances for specific industries (1.7 times).

At the same time, imports of non-ferrous metals (-53.6%), professional, scientific and control instruments and apparatus (-30.8%), telecommunications apparatus and equipment and for the recording and reproduction of sound and images decreased ( -4.1%), raw and processed tobacco (-17.1%), cameras, optical equipment and supplies; watches and clocks (-31.7%), machines and apparatus for metalworking (-24.6%).


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