The World Bank supported the handover of the 46 cars to the subdivisions of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry

Today, the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry (MAIA) received 46 vehicles delivered to four MAIA institutions. The Agriculture Governance, Growth, and Resilience Investment Project funded these vehicles with a €50.1 million loan from the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD), part of the World Bank Group.

Of the 46 vehicles, 32 will go to the National Food Safety Agency (ANSA). MAIA will distribute the remaining vehicles to the Agency of Intervention and Payments for Agriculture (AIPA), the National Agency of Land Improvements (ANIF), and the Centre of Agricultural and Rural Counseling (CCAR).

At today’s delivery event, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Agriculture and Food Industry Vladimir Bolea announced the value of each vehicle at €18,490, bringing the total investment to €850,000. The 32 vehicles designated for ANSA come equipped with specialized intervention kits, which contain a range of instruments and tools necessary for providing veterinary medical assistance throughout Moldova.


“The investments made will enhance the quality of services provided to Moldovan citizens and economic agents and will strengthen the capacities of state veterinary services, facilitating operations and the network of state veterinary physicians development,” noted Vladimir Bolea.

World Bank Country Manager for Moldova, Inguna Dobraja, stated they would use the vehicles to improve service quality for Moldovan citizens. “ANSA employees will benefit from better working conditions and modern tools. We remain committed to supporting Moldova’s agricultural sector and its agriculture and food industry development. If positive results will emerge from this project, we will provide additional financing. We hope these efforts will increase exports to EU markets,” said Inguna Dobraja.

Since Moldova joined the World Bank in 1992, it has received more than €2.1 billion for over 70 operations. The World Bank’s portfolio includes 14 active projects with a total commitment of $849 million. These projects cover regulatory reform, business development, modernization of government services, fiscal administration, land registration, education, infrastructure, health, social sectors, emergency response to COVID-19, agriculture, water and sewerage, and energy.

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