Trade liberalization between the Republic of Moldova and the EU extended for one year

MEPs extended for one year the liberalization of trade between the Republic of Moldova and the European Union (EU). The MP from Romania, Siegfried Muresan, wrote about this on the social network.

“We have just voted with an overwhelming majority at the plenary session of the European Parliament – ​​577 votes in favor, 36 against, and 18 abstentions – for a resolution that extends for one year the measure of suspension of taxes and import quotas applicable to products exported from the Republic of Moldova to the European Union. Today’s vote confirms that the decision was made on time, before the expiration of the current decision to suspend import duties, that is, until July 24, 2023. We want to provide the Republic of Moldova with the widest possible access to the European market at a time when the war in Ukraine has greatly affected the country’s international trade.”


He claims that entering the European market helped Moldova significantly last year. Muresan says that, in general, exports from Moldova to the EU increased from 1.8 billion euros in 2021 to 2.6 billion euros in 2022.

“We must continue to provide greater access for Moldovan products to Europe. The EU is the largest internal market in the world. The free access to Moldovan products does not hurt the EU market, but it brings great benefits to the producers of the Republic of Moldova.”

The MEP believes it is necessary to liberalize trade between the Republic of Moldova and the European Union.

“Permanent liberalization, in contrast to the temporary suspension of taxes and import quotas, will ensure greater market predictability in the Republic of Moldova. It will attract more important investors,” Muresan concluded.

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