Ukraine increased electricity imports from Moldova by 26%

In the first week of July, Ukraine increased its electricity purchases from Europe by 13% to 233,400 MWh, surpassing the previous weekly record set in June.

Ukraine made the largest import volumes in the morning and evening hours. At the same time, Ukraine has not exported electricity for eight weeks, reports

Such data was published by the Energy Map portal, explaining that electricity imports from July 1 to July 7 came from five neighboring countries: Hungary (105.8 thousand MWh, or 45%); Slovakia (42.5 thousand MWh, or 18%); Romania (38.2 thousand MWh, or 16%); Poland (27.1 thousand MWh, or 12%); Moldova (19.9 thousand MW*h, or 9%).

Imports increased from all countries except Poland, where supplies fell by 20%. Imports from Moldova recorded the highest growth, increasing by 26%. Electricity supplies from Slovakia, Romania, and Hungary grew by 4%, 20% and 25% respectively.


Ukraine used emergency supplies from Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary on July 1-4. Ukraine made emergency electricity supplies during the afternoon and evening hours. In addition, on July 5, from 11:00 to 15:00, Ukraine assisted Poland in the form of an emergency reception of surplus electricity totaling 1.2 thousand MWh.

In June, Ukraine imported the largest monthly volume of electricity in the last ten years, more than it did in 2023. But it was still not enough to avoid shortages and blackouts. After the Russian army strikes on Ukrainian power facilities and because of the heat wave, the country is catastrophically short of its capacity.

In June, Ukraine purchased 858,300 MWh of electricity abroad. According to ExPro Electricity, this is 91% more than in May and 6% more than in 2023. Hungary accounted for the largest share in the import structure – 41.6%, while Moldova accounted for the smallest – 7.7%.

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