UNDP helps Moldovan producers switch to renewable energy sources

Agricultural producers on both banks of the Dniester switch to renewable energy sources. In this way, they increase their export potential. All of this with the assistance of Sweden and Great Britain within the UNDP project “Capacity development on the banks of the Dniester” (AdTrade), writes UNDP on their facebook page.

Victor Cîșlari from Căușeni grows plums in an ecological system on an area of ​​8 ha. He wanted to develop the business using innovative methods, such as renewable energy, to be more environmentally friendly and to offer products on the market that are more beneficial for people’s health.

That’s how he created a partnership with a producer on the left side of the Dniester and together they won a grant worth 50 thousand US dollars offered by Sweden and Great Britain within the AdTrade project.

Thanks to this assistance, the producers procured and installed modern fruit and vegetable drying equipment and a photovoltaic system, which allows them to process the vegetables and fruits grown according to international standards and at an advantageous price. And this opened the way for them to other markets abroad.


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