Vadim Ceban: The formula negotiated with Gazprom is a very good one and this will be seen from October

The price formula for natural gas negotiated with Gazprom is a very good one! This is what the president of the Moldovagaz Board of Directors, Vadim Ceban, says. According to the official, the formula could bring us a lower purchase price starting from October. However, Vadim Ceban says that even if the purchase price will be lower, Moldovagaz will not request a tariff reduction, because the saved money should cover its tariff deviations.

Vadim Ceban says that the gas price calculation formula, negotiated with Gazprom, will bring us a lower price only from October. The purchase price is so high because it reflects the price on the international market, Ceban explains.

“In the situation of such a high market price, I think our formula is very good. This will already be demonstrated in October. In our case, they are proportions of the market price of natural gas and oil, so the formula is absolutely connected to the market”, said Vadim Ceban during the Rezoomat show on RliveTV.


According to Vadim Ceban, developments on the international market create the conditions for price reductions starting next month. In addition, for the Republic of Moldova, the formula for calculating the price is an advantageous one, since from October the weight of the value of natural gas and oil is reversed, which would generate a lower purchase price.

“The purchase price in October will be lower compared to September. Now the prices are falling. Because the level of natural gas storage for the winter in various countries has reached the level of 80-90%. Germany has confirmed that it is 80% stockpiled, with Germany being Europe’s largest consumer of natural gas. So, the demand for natural gas moderated. That would also mean adjustments in the market. We have to recover from deviations, that’s how the law says. But already how will the regulator decide”, explained Vadim Ceban.

In September, the Republic of Moldova pays a gas purchase price of 1,883 dollars for a thousand cubic meters. The price is $400 higher than last month. Currently, the price per cubic meter of gas is 22.99 lei, VAT included.

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