Unusual art manifestation on the streets of Chisinau

Rodion Trofimchenko, a Tiraspol-born moldovan who obtained the doctorate in Art Theory in Japan, became famous after expressing in a very unusual way. He decided to walk completely naked, holding a paper on which the text condemned the war in Ukraine.

At first, people did not understand what this is about. He was even arrested by the police and held in the inspectorate for 3 days, on the suspicion that he might have mental health problems. Both the police and the doctors declared that he did not have any health-related issues. Rather, his actions were deemed a “manifestation of art”.

Although the story altogether might seem rather bizarre, Rodion posted a video on his YouTube channel, which showed the whole moment. Moreover, the video was accompanied by a description of Rodion’s whole life, as well as an explanation of his actions.

You can see the video and read the description here.

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