Unveiling the Charm of “Saharna Țiglău”: A Sustainable Retreat in Nature

“Saharna Țiglău” is on the list of new tourist destinations that opened their doors at the end of 2022, focusing on sustainable and environmentally friendly development. This is the place where you can disconnect from the urban hustle and opt for relaxation in the heart of nature in a truly special setting. The new tourist location is located 100 km away from the city of Chișinău and only 5 km from the district center.

The “Saharna Țiglău” guesthouse consists of two “A Frame” style cottages and a beekeeper’s cottage, where beehives for apitherapy are uniquely placed. Here, you have the opportunity to discover impressive landscape panoramas that stretch to the distant horizons, encompassing cities, villages, canyons, hills, and valleys.

The guesthouse offers a belvedere with gazebos and benches where you can relax. Moreover, archaeological excavations have taken place on the premises, uncovering relics dating back to the 11th century BCE, which are displayed in one of the cottages. In the future, a museum will be opened here to exhibit these respective artifacts and more. The guesthouse also has a solar panel park, a Paulownia tree orchard, and a workshop for crafting musical instruments, where you can get acquainted with instruments such as the bucium (traditional horn), didgeridoo, drum, and more.


In addition to the guesthouse, you can take a trip to the nearby attractions, among which we recommend the Saharna Landscape Reserve, encompassing a rocky gorge with caves, the Saharna River, and waterfalls. You also have the opportunity to explore some of the oldest monastic settlements: the Holy Trinity Saharna Monastery and Țipova Monastery.

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