USAID-funded Project Provides Emergency Generators for Moldova’s Energy Security

Ambassador Kent D. Logsdon, along with USAID Mission Director Scott Hocklander and Energy Minister Victor Parlicov, visited Termoelectrica (the most important producer of electric and thermal energy in Moldova) yesterday to witness the delivery of the first 16 emergency power generators out of a total of 23 planned for the thermal power plant.

The generators, with a total capacity of approximately 1000 kW, were procured through the USAID Energy Security of the Republic of Moldova (MESA) Project and will be installed at thermal power plants in the suburbs of Chisinau, as well as at some heat transfer pumping stations.

The MESA project has invested approximately $1.3 million in the year 2023 to procure 53 emergency power generators, which will provide energy to 22 district hospitals and medical institutions throughout the country, as well as strategic entities such as Moldelectrica, Apă-Canal, Termoelectrica, and CET-Nord in the city of Bălți.


This investment will enhance Moldova’s energy security and resilience to power outages caused by natural disasters or other emergencies. The generators will ensure that essential services, such as medical facilities and water treatment plants, remain operational during such events.

Ambassador Logsdon emphasized the importance of energy security for Moldova, stating that “this project will not only ensure that critical facilities can continue to operate during emergencies, but it will also provide much-needed relief to the energy sector, which has faced numerous challenges in recent years.”

USAID is committed to supporting Moldova’s efforts to achieve energy security and independence, and this project is just one of many initiatives aimed at achieving that goal.

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