Victoria Roșa: Thanks to EPC Summit, Moldova will be at the center of Europe and on the EU agenda

Holding the Summit of the European Political Community in Moldova is a historic event, as our country will become the center of Europe, placing it on the agenda of the EU countries, stated Victoria Roșa, an associate expert at the Foreign Policy Association, during an IPN debate on Friday.
“I would like to emphasize the fact that we will have more than 50 European leaders present in Chisinau, who will discuss matters with a great impact, not only relating to Moldova. The topics that will be discussed will have an overall impact on the European continent. We want this discussion platform to come up with some concrete results, with initiatives that would give an impetus to security aspects”, says Victoria Roșa.

While the discussions will have a general and not particular nature, the Transnistrian problem is one subject that will most likely be addressed during the event. “It is an event where certain accents regarding Moldova’s security will be addressed, but we must understand that the settlement of the Nistru conflict has become not only something wanted by Moldova but by Europe as well. We have a Russian exclave in the region. Because Moldova failed to plan its long-term national security strategies, it missed many security elements that were imminent and visible after the Nistru war”, she says.

Victoria Roșa also says that it is important for the Moldovan authorities to identify what the risks would be both at the political and security level. “Of course, it is important to discuss them, but at the same time it is important to give them a vote of confidence, both to the political forces and to the society of Moldova, to be able to move forward and to be able to achieve the goal that we a large part of society wants – the goal of European integration. If we are talking about that part of the population that is more reluctant or does not want Moldova to become an EU member, we need to figure out first if they don’t want it or maybe they are misled or misinformed regarding the European integration process, and then we have to work in this direction”, noted the expert.

Information security is another aspect that Victoria Roșa spoke about, stating that she does not see a very big risk in this regard. “We all have to face it. I think it is very important, namely the European Moldova National Assembly comes up with an inclusive element to combat this risk of misinformation to bring more information to the population. I think it is very important to have as many such events as possible”, added Victoria Roșa.

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