Video: BCS deputies do not like postal voting. It is unclear what action they plan to take

The introduction of postal voting in the autumn elections will be challenged in the Constitutional Court by members of the Bloc of Communists and Socialists (BCS). If the bill is voted for by more PAS members, it will be passed. During a press conference, the Vice-President of the Parliament, Vlad Batrincea, made a statement to this effect. According to the politician, this project is dangerous.

“The authorities’ intention to organise postal voting for Moldovans living in the United States and Canada in this year’s presidential elections seriously violates the Constitution and discriminates against the majority of voters,” Vlad Batrincea mentioned.

The politician provided examples of unsuccessful postal voting in other countries.

“For example, in 2016, the Austrian presidential election was annulled due to violations identified during postal voting. In 2020, a scandal for this reason broke out in Romania. Problems with postal voting have even arisen in the United States.

If such a decision is made, we will contest it in the Constitutional Court. It is not permissible to employ any means to manipulate the outcome of the vote. The project is considered dangerous and should be removed from Parliament’s agenda,” Batrincea added.

During the conference, Deputy Grigore Novac said he had never heard of diaspora representatives asking for postal voting to be organised for them.


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