Video President of Parliament: The administration of Gagauzia is not going to dare to ask for full autonomy

According to Igor Grosu, Speaker of the Parliament in Chisinau, the administration in Gagauzia is not going to dare to ask for full autonomy, he told “Digi24.” It was mentioned that the Chisinau administration distinguishes between citizens, officials, and politicians’ autonomy.

Grosu states that he perceives no distinction between the current and former Bashkan of the region. In his opinion, however, the current administration of Gagauzia has less credibility, and the inhabitants and officials of the region understand what is happening.

“They won’t dare do that. Gagauz understand very well. It is one thing what they talk about on TV, and another what people talk about and think in private. (…) They understand that they have become hostages of their own carelessness,” stated Igor Grosu.


During the interview, Igor Grosu conveyed a message to Sergei Lavrov. The Moldovan official tells the Russian minister that our country is “returning to the European Union” and reminded him about the events of 1812.

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