The graphic art exhibition “Stati Art ~ Dialogue with Art” is hosted by the National Library of the Republic of Moldova

The graphic art exhibition “Stati Art ~ Dialogue with Art”, hosted by the National Library of the Republic of Moldova from 6 to 22 March 2024, presents a selection of coursework made during the last year of study by the participants of the “Stati Art” creative course, children, teenagers and adults groups. The exhibited works include figurative elements, items of study, artistic interpretation of compositional subjects, children after the great Masters, dealing with themes such as still life, flowers, landscapes, portraits, etc.

The founder and teacher of the creative course, Nicoleta Stati, tells us that in the workshop she manages, a community of people passionate about Art has been created over time, for whom, from small to large, artistic expression through drawing and painting is a broad process and is an indispensable component of the formation of their personality.

“Through Art, course participants can externalise their thought and spirit, find a refuge and a new world, establish an intimate dialogue or socialise with other people passionate about art. That is why we wanted to share with the general public the artistic experience of the participants of the “Stati Art” Creative Course by presenting this exhibition. At the same time, we wanted to show that the dimension of Art is open to all, regardless of age and field of activity, and the mission of the teachers of the course is to develop artistic skills and enhance the artistic potential of each participant.”

The founder of the “Stati Art” course also tells us that the participants of the adult group are not at their first exhibition experience, having exhibited their creations at the “Moldova has Art” opening held at the National Museum of History in Chisinau, as well as at an international exhibition, Salon d’Automne 2024 in Paris, where the Republic of Moldova was represented by the teachers and 6 participants of the “Stati Art” creative course. For children attending the course, the event is an exhibition debut awaited with great excitement.


Nicoleta Stati told us that the course curriculum offers the opportunity for all who wish to develop their artistic skills and vision in the fine arts, regardless of age or background, designed according to age, goals and interests. The course is available for children (7-9 years old), teenagers (10-14 years old) and adults (from 15 years old), and the study hours are based on an intense practical activity, where sketches, sketches, studies after models, compositions, copies after art reproductions are made. Various materials and techniques of easel graphics – pastel, sanguine, sous, charcoal, pencil, gouache, etc. – are studied and applied in practice. The course is taught by teachers with professional training in the field of fine arts, Nicoleta Stati (plastic artist, Master of Arts, member of UAP of the Republic of Moldova) and Cristina Chelaru (plastic artist, member of UAP of the Republic of Moldova, teacher at the Academic High School of Fine Arts “Igor Vieru”).

All those interested in a Dialogue with Art are invited to the opening of the exhibition on March 6, 2024, at 15.00, at the National Library of the Republic of Moldova, Reading Room Collection of Arts and Maps, Block 2, 1st floor, 78, 31 August 1989 Street.

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