VIDEO Family and school, are fundamental pillars in preparing adolescents for life

More than 200 parents, school principals, and school psychologists gathered at the conference “How we Raise Healthy Adolescents: School-Family Partnership” as part of Education Week. This initiative provided a good framework for discussion and learning, addressing key topics related to school-family collaboration in support of the harmonious development of the young generation.

“It is obvious that without good communication between these key players, we will not raise that teenager with the values and skills that will help them become a happy adult. Then we also put a great emphasis on teacher training and on equipping educational institutions with interactive teaching materials because when the pupil steps on the threshold of the school, he must feel safe and friendly and want to go there. We often hear that teenagers are the future or children are the future. We here at UNFPA argue that they are also the present, and we can’t just think of them as something in the future. So we have to join our efforts today for them,” said Ludmila Sirbu, Youth Programme Analyst, UNFPA Moldova. 

Ina Crasnojon, psychologist-psychotherapist and co-founder of the Academy of Envious Parents stressed the crucial role of open communication between parents and adolescents. 

“It is good for every parent to be informed because we become parents. But we are not born. We need reliable sources and to learn important things from specialists to be informed. It’s good when a parent knows exactly how to formulate messages to reach their child, how to set the right limits, and how to follow the rules they set themselves in raising their child”, said Ina Crasnojon, psychologist-psychotherapist and co-founder of the Academy of Invidious Parents. 

Close cooperation between school and family is the key to ensuring the harmonious development of pupils, believes Iulii Turcanu, parent of a teenager and teacher at an educational institution in the capital.


“This is an important event because, at the moment, without the direct involvement of parents, educational institutions, and especially teachers, it is difficult to transmit or provide this educational service, given the emergence of new information technologies and a large volume of information. The support of parents is paramount because the most important thing is to have the seven years at home and the next lifelong learning,” says Iulii Turcanu.

Natalia Madan, mother of a 15-year-old, confidently shares that the relationship with a teenager is a complex journey.

Natalia Madan expressed, “It’s thought-provoking. Events like this are greatly appreciated by me and any parent aiming for a more secure future for their child and seeking personal growth alongside their child. What stood out about the event? One thing I can affirm is that it reassured me that my existing knowledge about parenting is sufficient and valuable; it simply encouraged us to implement it. It inspired us on how to strengthen our bond with our children.”

The conference “How to Raise Healthy Teenagers: School-Family Partnership” was organized as part of Education Week by the Ministry of Education and Research in partnership with the UN Population Fund and the media platform 

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