(VIDEO) Igor Grosu, after the mobilization of Moldovans in the Europarliamentary elections: “Moldova enters the electoral map of Europe.”

“The Republic of Moldova has entered the electoral map of Europe and Romania.” Speaker Igor Grosu delivered the message after our country’s citizens with EU member states citizenship mobilized unprecedentedly in the European parliamentary elections.

According to the PAS leader, 56,714 people voted in Moldova. It was much higher than in the previous European Parliament elections.

“We were many and exemplary. There were 56,714 of us, the most active voters from outside Romania, which is a 50% increase compared to the previous European elections. With yesterday’s vote, the Republic of Moldova enters the electoral map of Europe and Romania.


We will have MEPs in the European Parliament who will negotiate as equals to achieve more good things for Moldova, Romania, and the whole of Europe”, said Grosu.

The European Parliament elections were on Sunday, 9 June, in Romania. Authorities opened fifty-two polling stations in 39 localities in Moldova. At the same time, another seven polling stations were set up in our country by the Bulgarian administration, and other polling stations operated in embassies of EU Member States.

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