(VIDEO) Minute of silence in Parliament in memory of Navalny: “Putin’s regime fears dead Navalny more than alive”

A session of the Moldovan Parliament on February 29 began with a minute of silence in memory of Alexei Navalny. The deputies of the Communist Bloc did not get up from their seats at this moment.

PAS MP Natalia Davidovich proposed to honor Navalny’s memory in this way.

“On February 16, the world was shocked by the news of Alexei Navalny’s murder in a prison in the far north of the Russian Federation. This is all we need to know about Putin’s criminal empire that kills people who hold a different opinion, about a regime that fears its people, democracy, and freedom of expression. Navalny’s funeral will be held tomorrow in Moscow. Russian authorities continue to mock the politician’s body and his family even after his death. (…) The Putin regime fears the dead Navalny even more than the living one. (…) I propose a minute of silence to honor the memory of Alexei Navalny, a brave man and an honest politician,” the MP said.

After the minute of silence, someone from the PDS deputies said: “Gentlemen communists, and socialists, shame on you.” His colleagues supported him with applause.

Also, at the beginning of the session, Igor Grosu spoke about the second anniversary of the beginning of the war in Ukraine. The speaker noted the courage of soldiers from the neighboring country and asked MPs to honor their memory.

Veterans of the armed conflict on the Dniester were also present in the parliamentary hall. The deputies applauded them. It should be noted that the soldiers who fell in 1992 were not honored with a minute of silence. However, the parliament on Thursday is discussing a draft that would provide new benefits for them.

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