(VIDEO) Pre-vetting of ministers! Voda: There’s no shame in being rich in this country if you’ve earned your money honestly

Daniel Voda, the government spokesman, said members of the Recean cabinet have integrity and can justify all their income during a discussion about the Pre-Vetting process.

“This government team is doing its work by relying on its priorities. I firmly believe that every minister maintains integrity and can account for all their incomes without issue,” Voda said on RliveTV’s “Territory of Freedom.”

Defending his position, Voda stressed that “there is no shame in being rich in this country if you have earned your money honestly.” He advocated encouraging the business environment, arguing that this brings jobs and significant economic opportunities for the population.

“Since 2014, when I began making these statements, they have become a guiding principle for me,” he added, stressing transparency and consistency in the financial resources management.


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