Video Resignation at the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office. Prosecutor Victoria Furtuna is pressing serious charges against SIS  editorial staff requested a comment from the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office (PA) regarding this matter.

“At present, the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office declines to comment.”

Victoria Furtuna has resigned from her position as a prosecutor in the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office after 18 years of service.The application was submitted on Monday 11th March in the morning. Victoria Furtuna recorded a video on the subject and posted it on Facebook.

“Recently, it was discovered that I am a threat to Moldova’s national security. This is not a baseless accusation made by politicians who use slogans without understanding their meaning. The Intelligence and Security Service of the Republic of Moldova made this accusation. The statement does not accuse me of any criminal actions, including espionage or murder. I have been labelled a”threat to national security” solely to restrict my access to the file I initiated on 11.01.2024. The file concerns my investigation into the illegal actions of a group of individuals who are disrupting the judicial system of the Republic of Moldova.

During my investigation, I discovered that the state’s public institutions disseminated false information against judges who were disloyal to the government. The authorities used irrelevant information as a basis to refuse the appointment and promotion of judges, in the absence of the facts described by SIS and CNA. SIS and the President’s Apparatus worked together. When SIS claims that I pose a threat to national security, it means a threat to themselves and those who organized this scheme. It is important to avoid disseminating arbitrary and illegal actions as this could prevent Moldova from being accepted into the EU and even joining the UN.

I have a comment for the country’s leadership. The concentration of power in Moldova was in the interest of the ruling party, rather than the welfare of the country. The obedient press applauds you and the rest who try to publish opinions, even subjective ones, you shut them down. Do you consider yourself all-powerful? I think you are a cardboard castle: “Hit it and it will crumble”. I know who, when made these decisions about intimidating judges.

Are you scared? Are you nervous? I understand, and I know why. This is just the beginning. On Friday 15 March, an extensive press conference will be held for the media, during which the debacle in justice will be discussed in detail. Finally, I would like to express my gratitude to my colleagues for their support and trust during my 18 years of work,” says the prosecutor.

SIS, the presidential institution, as well as the PA, have not yet commented on these statements.


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