(VIDEO) The President of Italy highlights how Moldovans living in the country are perceived.

Italian President Sergio Mattarella, on a visit to Chisinau, told a conference on Tuesday, June 18, that Moldovans living in Italy are highly appreciated, including for their contribution to the country’s economic development and social life.

According to the official, the friendship between Moldova and Italy has intensified, and “the Moldovan community in Italy is a pillar of this collaboration.”

“The Moldovan community in Italy is very numerous and highly appreciated. They make significant contributions to our country’s economic development and social life. These relationships extend beyond the workplace, fostering personal friendships, family connections, and cultural partnerships, intensifying the friendship between Moldova and Italy. The Moldovan community in Italy serves as a bridge between the two countries and a pillar of collaboration. Their daily interactions strengthen mutual friendship and willingness to cooperate. Naturally, we will be very attentive to the needs and demands of the Moldovan community in Italy,” said Italian President Sergio Mattarella.


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs estimated the number of Moldovans in Italy to be around 250,000 to 300,000 at the beginning of 2023.

Sergio Mattarella’s visit is the first official visit of a President of the Italian Republic to the Republic of Moldova. Italy is one of the most important partners of our country. Italy hosts the largest community of Moldovans in the diaspora, which contributes to strengthening the ties between the two countries, developing the economy of both countries, and strengthening the bridges between people and communities based on cultural affinities.

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