Vienna to Host “Chisinau Days”: A Celebration of Moldovan Culture and Music

On June 23, Vienna will witness the celebration of the “Chisinau Days”. The event will feature renowned names from the music scene of the Republic of Moldova, who will take the stage in the Austrian capital, writes

“Chisinau Days” in Vienna is an initiative organized by the Chișinău City Hall with the aim of promoting Moldovan culture and traditions.

The event, scheduled to begin at 6:00 PM, will take place at the Das-MuTh Concert Hall in Augartenspitz Park. Artists and musical groups from the Republic of Moldova, such as Eugen Doga, Brio Sonores, Camerata Chișinău, Natalia Tanasiiciuc, Vitalie, and Cătălin Advahov, will perform on stage, promising an evening of enchanting melodies.

The city hall also emphasized that another objective of this gathering is to “promote the exchange of ideas and dialogue between the Moldovan diaspora and the local public authorities of Chișinău.”


“In this regard, representatives of the Chișinău City Hall will be present at the event to listen to the concerns and opinions of citizens and provide information about the projects and programs of Chișinău, the Youth and Migrants Support Program, Business Creation Support, as well as other topics of interest to fellow countrymen,” stated the city hall representatives.

“Chisinau Days” in Vienna serve as a platform for cultural exchange, showcasing the rich heritage of Moldova and fostering closer ties between the Moldovan diaspora and the authorities of Chișinău. This celebration of Moldovan music and culture promises to be a memorable event, bringing together diverse communities in the heart of Vienna.

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