We are proud! Our athletes have won 21 gold and 3 silver medals at the European Hand-to-Hand Wrestling Championships

For the second consecutive year, the national hand-to-hand wrestling team has ranked first in the team rankings at the European Championships. At this year’s edition of the continental competition, held in Brasov, Romania, our country’s athletes won 21 gold and 3 silver medals.

The senior category winners of the European Championship are:

Iurie Guseinov (57 kg), Danila Morozniuc (62 kg), Vlad Bragarenco (67 kg), Alexandru Ensuratel (73 kg), Petru Buzdugan (80 kg), Dumitru Ceacusta (97 kg), and Cristian Constantinov (+97 kg) who took first place, and Vladislav Mastac (88 kg) who took second place.

In the age category of 18-21 years:

Gheorghe Vechiu (62 kg), Sergiu Cilcic (67 kg), Sergiu Eremia (73 kg), Filaret Costas (80 kg) and Denis Munjiu (88 kg) took first place.

In the male age category of 16-17 years:

Constantin Chilianu (57 kg), Vadim Capitan (67 kg) and Alexei Caftia (73 kg) took first place, while Gabriel Ivanov (57 kg) took second place. In the same age category, Samira Rangu (73 kg) took second place in the women’s category.

Age category 14-15 years:

Eugen Savanciuc (52 kg), Alexandru Sargarovschi (57 kg), Ivan Pavlenco (62 kg), Danila Ciornii (67 kg), Danila Resetnic (-73 kg), and Dumitru Baltaga (+73 kg) won gold medals, while Andrian Andrias (52 kg) and Sergiu Gainari (-73 kg) won silver medals.

The European hand-to-hand wrestling title was contested by over 400 athletes from 16 countries.


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