“We are proud to be from Moldova”: Moldo-American Congress and meeting with the Diaspora in Chicago

“We are proud to be from Moldova” was the motto of the Moldo-American congress, which was attended by the President of the Republic of Moldova, Maia Sandu, during her visit to Chicago.

“Our citizens know how to make us proud of them, whether they live at home or abroad because they are hardworking, courageous, and care about their country. I have seen this courage in many Moldovans living in the US who have been able to start and develop their businesses. Some of them have also expanded production and expanded their business to Moldova, creating jobs and opportunities for citizens of the country living in their homeland, for which I am grateful to them. I am impressed by the eagerness with which our people are looking for ways to participate in the life of the country, whether it be business, supporting projects in local communities, or organizing similar events that connect those who live at home with those who live in the United States. Many of our people are promoting the culture, traditions, and image of Moldova in the United States, and on this occasion, we have presented several honorary awards”, Maia Sandu said.

Maia Sandu also spoke with the diaspora from the United States, where those who wished could ask questions of interest to them.

“We spoke with fellow countrymen about our efforts to create a better life at home, to develop an investor-friendly business environment, and to clean up the justice system by fighting corruption in the system. These efforts will help us move closer to Europe.”

The first Moldo-American congress was organized in the USA in February 2014. It is intended to become a strategic platform for dialogue between Moldova and the United States. Then the chairman of the Parliament of Moldova, Igor Korman, took part in its opening.

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