What will happen after the official launch of Moldova’s EU accession negotiations?

On Tuesday, June 25, the EU officially opened negotiations on Moldova’s accession to the European Union. Officials announced it after the first intergovernmental conference in Luxembourg.

Officials will discuss the first negotiating chapters in Brussels starting in January 2025. Teams from the government will go to Brussels, where they will explain the country’s position on each of the 35 negotiating topics, divided into several clusters.

Moldovan officials will have to present plans to align national regulations with EU ones and identify areas for which they will request transitional periods. According to Cristina Gherasimov, the first cluster, which is also the most complicated, contains five chapters on the economy, democratic institutions, fundamental values, and public administration. Also, according to the head of the Office for European Integration, we could face difficulties with justice, environment, and agriculture.


After the national legislation alignment with European standards and following negotiations with the member states, the European Commission will issue an opinion on our country’s readiness for European integration. Based on the document, the EU states will decide to close the negotiations, and the European Parliament will give the green light for Moldova’s accession to the EU.

The last step in Moldova’s European integration process is the signature and ratification of the Accession Treaty by the candidate country and all EU Member States.

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