Will the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office halt the Airport tender? Initial response from airport representatives

The tender for leasing over 5,000 square meters of commercial space at Chisinau International Airport (AIC) will not be cancelled or put on hold, despite ongoing investigations by anti-corruption prosecutors into its legality. Natalia Cojocaru, the spokesperson for AIC, announced the news to  realitatea.md.

“Until a legal act is issued by the competent bodies to prove otherwise, (n.r. The airport auction) is proceeding as planned. There are no legal issues with the auction,” said Natalia Cojacaru.

Currently, only one company, Lagardere Travel Retail, has filed. It should be noted that the filing period expires on Monday, April 15, 2024.

The next period for reviewing applications is scheduled for 15-16 April, and the winner will be announced on Wednesday 17 April.

“If, even at the end of the extended deadline, only one file is submitted, the auction organizer will consider the nominated procedure to be completed. This is by the provisions of the Regulation on the Procedure for Leasing Unused Assets, approved by Government Decision no. 483 of 29.03.2008, as well as the provisions of the Regulation on Competitive and Reduced Tenders, approved by Government Decision no. 136 of 10.02.2009,” a press release by AIC was previously published.


It is important to note that the PA is currently investigating the legality of the Airport tender. On 25th January 2024, the institution conducted a self-investigation. Subsequently, on 3rd April of the same year, a criminal case was filed, which is currently under investigation. The actions in question include the abuse of office.

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