With care for refugee children! The Mother and Child Institute to receive a humanitarian aid

The Mother and Child Institute in Chisinau, which cares for injured children from the conflict zone in Ukraine, will receive humanitarian transport worth 200,000 euros from the Save the Children Organization.

Save the Children Romania responds this way to the request for help sent by the Mother and Child Institute. It is about a batch of hospital medical products and equipment for the Intensive Care Unit, Anesthesiology, and Prematurity block within the institution, as well as a humanitarian transport with care products for newborns, children, and mothers, informs Save the Children through a press release.

After the start of the war in Ukraine, the Mother and Child Institute provided medical care to refugee children, pregnant women, and mothers. To date, 536 treated cases, over 2,000 consultations, and 60 surgical interventions have been performed on refugee children from Ukraine. Also, 101 refugee women from the war in Ukraine gave birth safely here.

The first tranche of aid will arrive on Monday, February 27, in Chisinau, consisting of 278,000 primary sanitary products for babies, children, and women. The next shipment will deliver over 5,300 medical products and hospital equipment.


Annually, the Institute ensures the diagnosis, treatment, prevention, and medical rehabilitation of about 40,000 children, pregnant women, and women from all over the country and registers 4,500 births per year, of which around 700 are premature births.

Since the start of Russia’s war of aggression in Ukraine, Save the Children has provided humanitarian assistance to 247,448 people, including 133,844 Ukrainian children and 113,604 adults (women, elderly, men with medical exemption, extended families), consisting of food base, hygiene products, clothing, shoes, pampers, pacifiers, bottles, strollers, baby carriers, thermoses with hot water, toys, blankets, and other first aid products, phone cards offered free of charge by mobile phone companies, support emotional, translation and informational counseling – information materials in Ukrainian (information about the asylum procedure, means of travel, hospitals, map and addresses of centers for asylum seekers, etc.).

At the same time, two humanitarian shipments were sent, with 505,200 sanitary products for 42,000 babies, young children, and mothers from Ukraine. The products were distributed in the 100 centers for refugees, managed by the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Moldova.

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