World Bank to Provide $60 Million for Modernizing Education in Moldova

The World Bank will provide financial assistance to the Republic of Moldova in the form of grants and loans, amounting to nearly $60 million, for the modernization of the education system. The Parliament has ratified three agreements in the second reading, facilitating the financial assistance.

The Republic of Moldova will receive grants totaling $19.8 million and a loan of $40 million from the World Bank. These financial resources will be used to enhance the quality of education for children, students, and learners by creating safe, modern, and adaptive learning environments. Three new high schools will be built, and 15 schools and 15 kindergartens will be renovated. Additionally, funds will be invested in the physical and digital modernization of approximately 200 schools.

The financial assistance will enable the provision of modern teaching and learning materials, as well as play equipment for early education institutions. It will also support tools for children who struggle with learning. The beneficiaries of these projects will be children, students, and teachers in preschool, primary, and general education in the Republic of Moldova.

The agreements will be implemented between 2023 and 2027.


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