Russian Embassy in Moldova Suspends Consular Services Amid Diplomatic Tensions

The Russian Embassy in Moldova has announced that it will halt the provision of consular services starting from August 5th. The move comes in response to the Moldovan authorities’ order to reduce the personnel of the Russian embassy.

On July 26th, the Republic of Moldova requested the Kremlin to withdraw 45 diplomats and employees from the Russian embassy in Chișinău, citing years of hostile actions.

Russia has been given until August 15th to downsize its embassy staff.

In contrast, Moldovan officials assert that the decision to reduce the Russian embassy personnel to 25 individuals, down from the current number of over 80, is merely aimed at achieving parity with the Moldovan Embassy in Moscow.

Recent media revelations have implicated the Russian Embassy in a series of activities involving the installation of antennas on the embassy’s rooftop, allegedly used for espionage purposes.


Investigative journalists have linked the individuals operating these antennas on the embassy’s rooftop to Russian intelligence services.

The escalating tensions between the two nations have contributed to the strained diplomatic relations, with both sides taking measures that reflect the growing unease in their interactions.

The suspension of consular services by the Russian Embassy may affect the Russian citizens residing in Moldova who rely on these services for various consular matters, such as visa applications, passport renewals, and legal assistance.

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