A company from Comrat produces spices without salt, sugar, preservatives and artificial colors

“Tatti Lux” is one of the 64 companies from our country, which participated in the “Republic of Moldova Presents” exhibition in Iași. After a short discussion with Serghei Bîcov, the founder of the company, we found out that they are from Gagauzia, more precisely, from Comrat. The company exhibited a wide range of spices, the entrepreneurs being the only producers of coffee mixes in Moldova, writes Bani.md.

Spices without salt and preservatives aroused the interest of visitors to the exhibition, and queues were already forming at the “Tatti Lux” stand.

“It is a family business. We produce different food mixes without salt, without sugar, without starch, without anything artificial, according to our original recipes. They are specific mixes for our region, but we also have something special. For example, we have mixes for coffee, practically no one does such a thing. We have spices for skewers, sarmales, omelettes, pilaf, fish, bacon and others”, said Serghei Bîcov during a live broadcast on rlive.md.


The company “Tatti Lux”, known as ASW (All Spice World), from Comrat, is a family business, specializing in the production of spices without salt, preservatives, colorings, flavors or other artificial ingredients, made according to their own recipes. Also, entrepreneurs can be proud of coffee mixes.

Home cooks and restaurants alike can enjoy ASW’s spices.

The “Republic of Moldova Presents” exhibition in Iasi was organized between November 11-13 by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Moldova.

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